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On Saturday my mum came over and we finished assembling my invitations. Now I just need to get stamps and complete that part.

Today I went and purchased my strapless bra. I was going to go with a  corset bra but the woman at the store suggested I just go with strapless. Then at least I can make use of it afterwards. I almost thought I was going to have to move my fitting appointment because there werent any bras in my size. Luckily I found one at a different store!

I also found wick away shorts today. I figure this doesnt really count as wedding budget since they are long enough that I can wear them running as well. So makes it more worth the money spent.

Lastly My wedding band came in! I am getting the goldsmith to etch into it though so it fits flush with my engagement ring. So right now I am ringless for a few days while they do that.
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