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Freaking Out!

My fiance just called. He just got fired. This cannot be happening 2 months before the wedding! How are we going to pay for everything? We just started looking for homes for sale! We still need to pay for the church, the cake, the tuxes, the limo, the drinks, the decorations, the guest book/flower basket/ring pillow and probably a dozen other things I'm forgetting.

I was so excited that he was going to book a Sybaris suite right after the wedding. I think that's out now.

Sorry, just had to freak out a bit. :(
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Re: Freaking Out!

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    i am so sorry! i know you will figure things out but that doesnt help with the stress right now.
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    I'm so sorry that happened. :(  Things will work out, don't panic yet!  A few things to think about:  When you say tuxes, do you mean that you and your FI are paying for his tux, or for all the tuxes?  You really just need to pay for his...all the other guys can pay for their own.  I know it would be nice to have a limo, but it's not really necessary.  You can always rent a nice car, borrow a fancy car from a friend, or just drive your own (which is what we are doing).  There are plenty of other things you can do to save money without making huge sacrifices.  HTH, keep you head up, and stay positive! :)
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    Oh no, so sorry!  Agree with gpapale, try to prioritize things.  A lot of things really aren't necessities, and you can save a lot of money by eliminating just a few things.  It'll work out!!
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    I agree with PP.  I am so sorry thins happened to you guys.  
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    I'm so sorry. Thoughts and prayers
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    I am so sorry! Being unemployed is very stressful, FI and I moved 2 months ago and he found a job however I am still searching...
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    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I know it's easy to stress out right now, but try not to! At the end of the day, you & your FI will be married & that's really all that matters :) Like PPs said, I would definitely try to prioritize things & figure out what's most important for you to have on your big day. All the unnecessary things, skip them! Sending T&Ps your way :) I'm a big believer in the quote, "Everything happens for a reason!"
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