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Early birds...

Please don't tell me that I am the only one who has already bought some wedding realted items? :)

I bought a pack of "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards on clearance. They are The Knot brand and super cute. I also bought 5 boxes of silk orchids. They come 20 in a box and are white with pink streaks. (My colors are pink and navy blue.) I want to submerge them in vases filled with water with a floating candle on top. I haven't tried it yet but it was a vision in my head. :) They were on clearance so I got each box for 4 dollars!! Too good to pass up.

So, spill it! What have you bought? :)

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Re: Early birds...

  • I haven't made any real purchases yet because we're still working out the budget, etc.  Well, I bought a really pretty, durable notebook (in the wedding colors, of course!) for keeping track of great ideas along the way.  My mom also got me a subscription to Brides mag. and I've been buying other magazines as well.  I say if you know what you want, go for it!  It's never too early!

    P.S. I think the submerged orchids will be gorgeous!  Post pics when you test it out!
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  • The orchid idea sounds really pretty! I actually have bought my dress already. I found it and I knew it was I didn't want to waste my time. I have also gotten most of the materials for my centerpieces. Now that I have the vision going and a few major things accomplished I'm going to relax on wedding planning for a little while (I work full time and am in grad school). I'm a busy bride. Do what you want, this is your time to find good deals and take your time so you don't get too stressed out. Good luck!!!
  • Hello! :)

    I haven't bought anything yet but we are very close to confirming our Reception Site! We defintiely want silk flowers so I've been looking on eBay for bouquets and such :)

    - Brittany
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  • Notyetavet: I want a subscription to Brides magazine! Maybe a christmas gift...haha!

    Alaina: Congrats on finding the dress! Thats so exciting. I can't wait to go try them on and find mine.

    Bwalsh: We also want silk flowers. Much cheaper. (Tiny budget) Have you tryed looking on etsy? There are some really gorgeous ones on there.

    Good luck planning, everyone!
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  • hi!
    I have a subscription to Brides mag and have put the deposit down on our reception site within the past week. I am books and such and am going to go dress shopping in October/November.

    It is never too early to start looking for stuff and when you find what you want you can't pass it up!
  • We have a reception venue, a church, and a (fabulous!) photographer. I also have a few odds and ends that I've bought on clearance (some stamps) and from the girls on my local board (menu holders, vases).
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  • The first thing I purchased was multiple wedding planning books... is it strange that I probably have 5 or 6. Okay, so I got a little carried away.Smile

    So far the only other item I have purchased wedding related is my wedding shoes. Yes I chose my shoes before I even started thing about dresses. Our colors are a dark navy blue and a really pale or light yellow. I was determined to have blue shoes and I found the perfect ones on one of the knottie blogs and I couldn't pass them up.
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  • I also have a subscription to Brides magazine. I have bought things that I can use around the house as decorations but can later be used in the wedding. I have two vases from the Dollar Tree with blue stones in them and a candle on top. I also bought a frame to use for the sand ceremony but right now it's being used for dried daisies. 
  • I haven't bought anything but bridal magazines yet! I am going to a bridal extravaganza tomorrow so I'm super excited.  I just hope none of the booth people look at me weird for saying the wedding is this far in the future, haha.
  • I have a subscription to Brides Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings.  I initially bought a few wedding planning books that I've read front to back already for ideas.  But that was it for a few months.  

    Now I have my champagne flutes, and my cake cutting set.  We've booked our church already (since that was the last day left for May in 2012, aside from the church's activities, i.e. Mother's Day, etc.).  We also booked our venue, the caterers, photographer, florist, DJ, and string quartet.

    It wasn't in terms of rushing through it or anything, but to get the places we wanted, and to space out all of the payments for everything.
  • We are having our ceremony and reception at the same location.  We have that booked for May 12, 2012 (contract signed and deposit down yay).  I have acquired several magazines from locations we looked at prior to booking.  I also went to one bridal show and got a bunch of info.  I have a videographer booked (he is a family friend that is in the business and is a really good deal : )  ) We also have a DJ planned who is also a family friend (and a good deal!). I have a photographer that I did my friends wedding recently that I plan on booking soon. 

    Our reception package includes a lot of things already which is very helpful.  Our cake, centerpieces, valet parking, flowers for the top of the cake, fantastic food, an amazing wine cellar for cocktail hour, and top-shelf open bar all included.  Not to mention the ceremony was no additional fee and the location is beautiful for pictures.

    I have looked at invitations, flower arrangemnts, cake ideas, bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and some tuxes.  Our colors our purple and blue.  Not your ordinary colors, so I am trying to find just the right shades in everything to make the day perfect.

    I have also picked out our toasting flutes and cake cutting set, but just haven't bought them yet. 

    I have our guest list done for the most part.  Just have to consult with our parents before we finalize it to make sure we didn't forget anyone.

    In a way I feel like I've gotten a lot started, but I also feel like I have soooo much left to do.  Some things it makes me nervous to book this early, but I also  am motivated now and don't want to wait and lose my drive. Oh well I know it will all turn out fabulous!!!!
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