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GM Vent

We have 5 GM (including our two brothers) plus our two dads that went to get fitted for their tuxes. Everyone got their measurements taken care of in a timely fashion. Because of our location (on island) and that the GM would be traveling from all over the country we figured it was best to have them all shipped to one location for pick up by FI. 

When I called to confirm this I thought I would also check to make sure all of the GM had paid for their tux in full. I knew my dad and brother hadn't, but they will be going with FI to pick them up and will pay for them then. I also knew that FFIL and FBIL had paid for theirs in full. Well it turns out that the 3 other GM, FI friends, only put down $20 and still owe $126.99!

Now with less than a month until tux pickup I have to be on FI to be on his GM about going in to pay for their remaining balance, otherwise we will be responsible for paying their balance and then will have to hunt them down for repayment after the wedding.

I wish Men's Warehouse had told them their payment was due on X date or else they wouldn't be able to be picked up in time for the wedding. I guess this is my payback for having BMs that didn't cause any issues with getting their dresses.
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