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Wedding Insurance?

One of my friends brought up the idea of having extra insurance for the bar since we will be supplying our own alcohol and serving it.  Has anyone ever heard of this?  It seems like a good idea but I'm not even sure where to start.  Maybe talk to my insurance company?

Re: Wedding Insurance?

  • It's called dram shop insurance and you absolutely should get it if you are supplying your own alcohol. It gives you extra liability insurance if something were to happen because someone drank too much. It's usually an endorsement on your homeowners or renters. It might cost $50 or so for the one day coverage. Yes, call your insurance company
  • Yes! We were required to purchase this coverage per our contract.  It was $50 and we just purchased today :) We have it for the 11th (day before) and 12th (day of wedding) Good luck! I would check with the venue to see what their requirements are
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    We had several venues tell us about getting this. Call your insurance company they can explain everything!
  • Our venue hasn't ever mentioned this so, I don't think they require it.  Although we are suppling the alcohol, they are hiring the bartenders.  Not sure if the laws are different from state to state.  
  • omg i have no idea about this..... we are renting a big house for a week and having the reception in the 'great room'....we are having our own bartender come in... I will have to look into this.. yikes.
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