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Check Flowers!! PIP

My FMIL has a friend who did the flower's for her nephew's wedding. So we took her all the flowers we bought to make my flowers and here they are we were expecting it to take a few months more like a few days. :) I'm so excited!!

Bridesmaid Bouquet

This one is for my sister and FI cousin-in-law

These ones are for the parents (Mom's on the right)

These ones are the Flowergirls/Ringbearers
The top two are for the FG the bottom one is the RB

These are for the Grandparents

This one is the Groom's

These are the Maids of Honor/Groomsmen

This one is for my other mom,. :)

This one is my Toss Bouquet

And Last but no least my Beautiful Bouquet
Anniversary image

Re: Check Flowers!! PIP

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