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Fiance is Gone :'(

So I dropped my fiance off at the airport this morning. I guess my point of this post is to just "vent." He's going to be gone for two months, and we never go more than a few days without seeing each other. I know he's leaving on work but it's still hard. He's in ship repair and will be in Hawaii..which sucks because it will be his first time and I won't be there. :(

Two months without him. I feel like my most vital funtion is gone and my chest feels tugged I can't even explain it. I guess I'm just paranoid-thinking what if something happens and this was the last time I see him...

Talking is going to be hard because I work 7-4, and he's four hours behind I by the time he gets off and we can talk I'll be asleep.

I know everyone says absense makes the heart grow fonder, but we've been through this before when he first started dating (although only one month-not two) and I think our hearts can't get any fonder than they are...

Not to mention I know this sounds bad but when he gets back it's like awkward for anywhere from like an hour-a day....

I just miss him and really feel empty without him...I'm just trying to think that when he gets back we will only have a short time till we're married.
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