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Family making me want to pull my hair out...

So i get married a month and rsvps are do back tomorrow. still missing about 20, a lot of them are from my aunts and uncles. My father has 9 siblings and because its such a large family we didn't include cousins, if we had we would have to add an addition 120 onto our guest list for just my fathers side....

As the rsvp date has gotten closer ive been getting more annoyed with his family as he's talk to them and they just make excuse after excuse as to why they haven't mailed them back... "oh i didn't know the rsvp date?"... REALLY!?!?!? its printed on it!    "oh yeah ill send it right back im coming" and then i dont get anything! He talked with them yesterday and said it was getting close i would appreciate if they could send them back one way or another as i would like to start getting the things i need for tables and get a good count for food. (as im doing it myself with a help from my boss, were both chefs) and that we want to make sure we have enough tables and chairs set up and decorated in the hall (doing this ourselves hte night before).. there response now.... "not sure if were comming yet, im SURE there will be plenty of tables and chairs around"... oh great... so in the middle of my reception because YOU decided to show up unexpected you want me to pull out a table and chairs and have htem set up undecorated with table cloths, centerpeices or any decorations and not have enough food to feel everyone else who was nice enough to respond in a timely fashion... just because??? Just cause they dont care how it looks doesnt mean i want ugly undecorated tables in my photos and hall cause your to lazy to commit to something you already said you were going to come to but not dont know!!! AHHHHH!!    *taking deep breath* 

... sorry.. but these family members are the type to be disrespectful, lazy and they DONT GO ANYWHERE, EVER!!! I dont think they have left the state unless its for fishing...  My father is absoloutly furious with his family and cant believe they are being so disrespectful to me as im usually the one to go out of my way to make people happy and include them when others dont.and im now understanding why...I mean.. they even go as far as going for a free meal in town everyweek for those who cant afford a good hot meal all because "its free" when they have plenty of money to feed themselves! Hes also very angry with them because they didnt even call to wish their dying sister (who he takes care of) a happy easter knowing that this might be her last.  I invited my aunts and uncles out of respect and love, but all i seem to get is disrespect and feel like they dont care at all.. Its pretty sad that my aunt who is dying of Uterine Cancer who is on morphine, oxy, and is having issues with her memory was the first person to rsvp to me that still will be at my wedding no matter what.. i find that just.. so upsetting... I didnt invite several of my moms family because we made a clear cut so i wouldnt have to deal with drama on my dads side for inviting some cousins on my moms but not my dads. And now i have to deal with this from them! So NOT ANYMORE! Im calling up all my cousins on my moms side and sending invites and explaining to them that as much as i was trying to not hurt people feelings on my dads side all it ended up doing was hurting my feelings. And the ones i wanted there the most i couldnt or my dads siblings would flip out. Most of them already know the situation and understood completely that with big families on budgets lines have to be drawn... Im planing on sending an invite and phoning ahead of time and explain what i was trying to accomplish, and that i would love to have them there, and that we do not expect any gifts at all, all we want is to be able to have them there and celebrate with us. Im done trying to be nice to people that cant even take the time to check a box when its already pre stamped, and pre addressed....and i know a lot of people will say "you wont even notice at the reception becuase you will be having to much fun to notice" well thats the thing, it will bother me, and it wont be becuase im being "petty".. but becuase they are truely being rude and disrespectful to my wedding and feelings.

Why does family need to be so disfunctional??? Vent over...this has just really upset me today... sorry this is so long...

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