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B-Pics yesterday

Had my boudoir photos done yesterday, I was so nervous but it didn't take me too long to get into it and have some fun. The one thing I have to say is, What a workout! I'm in pretty good shape and have been working on toning before the wedding, but I am hurting in muscles I didn't even know existed from holding some of those poses, and from my 5 1/2" heels! 
Now I just can't wait to see the results, she's already emailed me telling me how great they are, but not even a peek yet! 
Just needed to share, since this is one thing I'm trying SO hard to keep a secret from FI until the wedding :)

Re: B-Pics yesterday

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    Glad you had a great time! I am not doing b-pics, but if I was, I would also have a hard time keeping it from FI, because we share everything.
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    that's awesome!  i did mine last friday and already got mine back!!!  :-D

    5-1/2" heels?!  that's crazy talk!  well... i guess i had some 5" ones, but they had a huge platform, so that made up for it :-P

    glad you had fun!  mine was a blast also!  :)
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    Yay! So glad you enjoyed yours! My back was really sore the next day too!!
    I am having a really hard time keeping it from FI as well.
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    Same here! It's KILLING me not to tell FI!! 
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