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NWR: Schools poor planning clashes with wedding date

SO over a year ago I asked what this year looked like timewise, I was assured school would be over by the end of spring semester, even with a block praticum it would be over by the end of april. That played a huge part in picking the may long weekend (The 19-21 here in canada) for the wedding, would give me almost a month off inbetween but still be before I need to worry too much about getting a job.

So in december I go to registrar for my last semester...the block practicum is scheduled to run till may 19th...2 days before my wedding. YA RIGHT. So its been a stressfull semester enough trying to do everything for the wedding on top of school and getting custody of my nephew, but I was making it work. I'm already kind of annoyed that we even are doing our block practicum in the "spring" semester...when it runs into may, because now I have to start paying my student loans back, and lose alll my medical coverage and no longer qualify for free transit for being a student mid april when I wont be able to get a job till june...

Today I was informed that the last "practicum meeting" which we are required to attend is on May 22. uuuuhhhhh what....Registration states we are only allowed to go till may 20th at the latest anyways (which would imply the 18th since the 20th is a sunday). So I talk to the instructor and get told. Oh well theres a paper you can write so that you dont fail the practicum, because its a pass or fail course, if you miss even one meeting you fail your whole practicum. So now I have an additional unexepected paper to write before the wedding. What pisses me off even more is that HE postphoned the first meeting, we were supposed to meet last week, and meet every other week, so if we had met last week, we would have had the last one before the wedding.

As it is we booked our honeymoon over a year ago and will be on a plane right smack dab in the middle of that practicum meeting, so now I am punished with a paper for a programs disregard for why there are rules around registration and semester timelines. AHHHH

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