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Anxiety attacks again!

I just need to vent here because I know you ladies won't think I'm nuts like my non bride friends haha. I'm really about to lose it...I'm not sleeping and I'm have bad anxiety about everything. We are right on track and pretty much ready to go so the rational side of me is saying calm the f down but I can't stop having this anxious feeling. I still haven't had my shower so that is I think part of it wondering when these girls are going to surprise me. A lot of gifts been bought over the weekend and this is the last weekend I have free without class or work so I'm assuming it's this weekend. Blah why can't I just be excited and not so anxiety ridden. Anyone having anxiety too?

Re: Anxiety attacks again!

  • Honestly? The amount of anxiety you're describing doesn't sound typical. Sure, it's ok to feel nervous or worried even for short periods. But, it shouldn't be to the point that you aren't sleeping and are constantly nervous. 

    What about trying some yoga or going for a mani/pedi? 
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  • Sorry.  I may confide in a friend about not sleeping and just ask when your shower is.  Sleep is one of the most vital things to our overall health, make sure you're getting some!
    Hang in there!
  • I've been having really bad anxiety too and it may sound simple but what's really helped me is deep breathing. It sounds so simple but it really helps. Breathe in deeply through your nose then let it out slowly through your mouth. Yoga and stretching also helps to calm me down. My anxiety comes from the ceremony. I hate to be the center of attention and I'm just really anxious about having to stand in front of so many people for so long.
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  • i also get that sort of anxiety and it prohibits me from sleeping. it sucks so i know the feeling. i get sick over it to the point i want to throw up...but i have had LOTS of wedding issues which are causing my problem.
  • i have been feeling a bit anxious too. but i have always been one to have anxiety. i had a wedding nightmare the night before my shower last weekend. haha so i know how ya feel. have you tried any coping methods? someone suggested a mani/pedi and deep breathing. find something that gives you a stress outlet and you probably will feel a bit more under control. i understand about not knowing about your shower--i cant believe they wont even tell you when it is. 
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  • I've been prone to anxiety my whole life. I used to get sick at Christmas being so excited for Santa. Haha...but since fi been in my life I been so much better. Big events just stress me out.
  • I get little bursts of anxiety, where I'm almost manic for a couple hours or a day. Not completely unusual for me but it's definitely worse with the wedding. FI's really good with helping me get over it by either talking through it or distracting me with something else.

    I agree with PP. Make sure you take some time to relax whether it's yoga, a mani/pedi or a non-wedding related night out. Something that helps me fall asleep when I'm anxious is to read. It takes my mind off anything stressful (work, wedding, life) and helps me fall asleep.
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  • I have bouts of anxiety from time to time about various things however I don't constantly feel anxious 24/7. Yes, sometimes it keeps me up at night but this doesn't happen very often.

    Have you always had anxiety or is this something new? It might be a good idea to talk to your doctor about this, he or she may direct your to a counselor that may be able to help.
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  • I think your anxiety is getting the best of you.  Relax.  These are wonderful events happening in your life and try to focus on that fact.  This is ALL GOOD!! 
    I am a worrier so I understand your not sleeping.  I have to remind myself through this process that it is just that, a process and everything will come together regardless of sleep or not!  I still need to go to work to pay for this shindig, so I might as well get some sleep.  This is my rationale anyway!

    I have been exercising like a maniac and that has really helped me sleep better.  Hang in there and try to enjoy this time in your life!

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  • I have anxiety so this is the norm for me. As the wedding has gotten closer I went and started talking to someone and it seems to be helping (but I had anxiety before the wedding). REMEMBER TO BREATH DEEPLY and TALK to your FI about all your FI is my rock. He helps me a TON with this! :)
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