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Hi all,
Has anyone had their reception at Phipps or know someone that did?
My wedding is this September 24, and I have yet to meet with their caterers to sign a contract and deposit. They make you use thier own caterers, but I can't get a hold of them for anything.  The last email they sent me was a month ago, telling me they were going over their calender that morning and that I "was on their meeting list". I haven't heard back from them since.  I email them questions all the time, I have so many because we haven't meet yet, and it takes weeks to get a response, if at all. Calling does no good either.
I'm really getting worried, if I ditch these caterers then I have to find a whole new venue in this short timespan.  What should I do? Anyone else have a similar problem?
I appreciate your advice!!

Re: Phipps Reception Catering

  • pantherRNpantherRN member
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    I don't know of any current brides who are having their wedding there, but I could be wrong.

    Do they have an event coordinator or someone else you can contact that may be more responsive? I would not waste time on this, call someone first thing in the morning.
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  • yellowbird88yellowbird88 member
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    I tried my event coordinator two weeks ago. Got an out of office reply. It said she will be back tomorrow, so thats exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks!
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