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looks like i'm going to be an aunt...

we got a lovely phone call tonight that the FI's little brother (who's 19 & being discharged from the military due to a non-combat related injury) is going to be a dad...this is crazy b/c he's basically a 2 year old in a 19yr olds body...

we really want to be excited for him, but here's the snag...she was basically a one night stand...but now they are claiming to be 'in love' and are going to be sqeezing a wedding in somewhere this year...ugh, I feel bad b/c the FI is pissed and there isn't really anything I can's obvioulsy not the baby's fault but it's parents are well...never mind.

Any advice?

Re: looks like i'm going to be an aunt...

  • Let FI vent and give him time.  Hopefully, in time he will calm down.  This is his "baby" brother who is very young so maybe afarid his brother is making poor choices.  Once the baby is born hopefully he will love him/her and be a great uncle.  The baby may need that.
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  • I think the best thing you & your FI can do is give them all the love & support you can. This was probably very unexpected for them (I'm assuming so since it was a one-night stand) & what they need right now is support. I know it's hard for your FI not to have concerns about his little brother, but just let him vent to you about those concerns.

    I got pregnant when I was 19 (not a one-night stand, but FI & I had only known each other for a year) & it was such a relief to have loving, supporting family members. It definitely was not an ideal situation for us, but now I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Congrats to you & your FI though about becoming an aunt & uncle. I have 2 nephews; being an aunt is so much fun :)
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