May 2012 Weddings

Hair/Makeup Trial this weekend!!

I have my hair & makeup trial this Sunday and I'm so excited! First is my hair trial at 10:30am, then the makeup trial at 1:30pm.

The woman doing my hair is the sister of my MOH so she's coming with her to hang out too, and my other MOH wanted to join in the fun so she'll be there. My Mom & FMIL will also be stopping by and I sent the other BMs a message to let them know that we'd all be hanging out and if anyone was bored and wanted to stop by then they were more than welcome to!

I'm making some brunch-y items (sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit kebabs, mimosas, etc) for the little get together and I can't wait! I've also go the Bridesmaids DVD ready to go (on repeat) for the entire morning/afternoon (lol)

Does anyone have any tips/advice for the hair/makeup trials? I have some pics from Pinterest for my hair, but I don't really have any makeup pics. Should I try and find some makeup inspiration photos?
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