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Do these sound like nice gifts? or do I need to add?

So our entire wedding party got personalized shot glasses.  I ordered them from Etsy and they are wonderful!  The names are etched in and the quality is amazing!  Good price too!

So, each BM (except my MOH) got the following:
-shot glass
-2 airplane bottles of their favorite liquors
-head massager
-body massager
-pack of tissues with cute quotes on them...

Instead of the head massager (she already has one), I got my MOH a pandora charm for her bracelet.

I'm getting each girl some hair/body products from Cosmoprof to go in their basket as well.  These items will all be different to suit each girl, but everything else is pretty much the same.  They each got different liquor and their massagers are different colors.. but same ideas.  I had planned on getting them all the shot glass, then different things for each girls- but the gifts kind of fell together.  What do you think?

I found these nice spa kits that I thought about getting the girl who is reading, the 2 girls who are greeting/doing guestbook & programs, and my photographer (who is also a good friend).  They are on sale for $12 (regularly $24).... Do you think that's enough or should I add something to it?
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Re: Do these sound like nice gifts? or do I need to add?

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