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Im getting pissed every time I check the mail because due date is April 21st and I still have 122 people I need to hear back from.... GRR

PS... zero today!

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    Mine is this Friday and I had ZERO today too.....WTF!
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    Mine is Thursday and we still missing 30! And most are people I literally have not a clue!?
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    ugh people are freaking ridiculous. must be SO damn hard to put something in the mailbox that is already addressed and stamped. 

    amazing the first people we got RSVPs back from.....all the guys in our wedding party but family? oh no, nothing!
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    You'll get a bunch at the end. Ugh, it is so annoying.  I understand some people don't know if they can come, but if you know, come on, stick it in the mail already.

    And, can I just say the emails/phone calls after the fact are AWKWARD!!
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    I'm in the same damn boat!!! I'm still waiting on 100 people to rsvp! This is SO frustrating! And I didnt get any today.

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    Holy crap! That is a lot! I would just wait until a few days after to start calling people. You will probably get a lot closer to the deadline.
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    I thought we'd get a lot closer to the deadline... no such luck :( we have lots of phone calls to make! C'est la vie...
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    im so sorry about that. that really stinks.
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    I know how you feel. I mean granted our rsvp date isn't until the first but it would still be nice to get moving on things that I can't do until I have the final numbers. 
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