May 2012 Weddings

update on my unemployment woes..

Soo since I got summoned to court...thanks to my so called friends from my last job....notice the sarcasm.. dad called his friend who is a lawyer..and he got in contact with a lawyer that deals with this, and he says thats its basically a closed case since im not filing for unemployment anymore. We will still have to fight my case..but he said my last job has to prove that I did this on purpose.. ( WHO on earth would get fired on purpose...4 months till their wedding!)..soo im still not getting my hopes up.....BUT the lawyer thinks i have a chance even tho the ppl from the past wrote like 12 pages of bad stuff about me...

w/e...prayers thoughts...a few w/e is supposed to happen will...but i swear if after court one of them ask me how my wedding plans are going..i will punch dont be all nice to me!!!! >:O!!! lol
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