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RSVP date is on Friday...

and FI wants to invite two of his friends from work, which is fine (wish he would have told me sooner but whatever). I want him to give them formal invitations by hand and give them until next Wednesday to RSVP but he wants to just ask them tomorrow and tell me if they say yes or no and tell me what they want to eat. He doesn't think we should extend the RSVP date for them. FI is being very difficult and I keep telling him that it's not like inviting them to go out for drinks and that they need to have the information. I won't see FI until Friday and I'm going to give him formal invites to give them at work on Thursday and give them a few extra days to respond. 

 I guess this is more of a vent than a question because FI is driving me crazy right now. 

Re: RSVP date is on Friday...

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    FI is driving me crazy too! Inviting people last minute! I'm like seriously?!! The RSVP date is Saturday. UGH

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    the other day FI said "so the Parkers can't come" (name changed), and I said, "oh, the Parkers? were they on the invite list?"and he said "no, I just emailed them and said we would love it if they could come to the ceremony, even though we don't have enough room at the reception"... I smacked my forehead V8 style and FI said "what?"

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