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Tip Help - Photo/Video with a twist..

Hi all.. I posted this on the Etiquette board too, but I figured I'd hit up those of you who are probably currently trying to figure out tips and what not since we're all May 2012 brides!

We are trying to determine if we should tip our photographers and videographers, and if so, what to tip them.  I know customarily you don't tip them if they are business owners, but here's our situation..

We have two videographers who are the owners of the company, and two photographers from that company who are not the owners.  So do we tip only the photographers?  We feel like that might be awkward to only tip those two from the team and not the other two. 

What would you do?  And if you did tip them all, what would you tip them?  They are based out of NYC, so we are paying top dollar for the package to begin with.

Thanks for your help!
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