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**Bachelorette Party*** (Recap & PIP)

Saturday was my bachelorette. I had a blast! Despite a minor hiccup with FI's BM telling my bestie (BM) about the incident @ FI's bachelor party (see previous post for details) because "I wanna tell you before Tanya tells you" and her breaking down mid-dinner, she managed to put it out of her mind and enjoy the rest of the evening. And my sis (MOH) all of a sudden saying she can't come for financial reasons
We started out at the hotel pre-drinking getting ready. Then we cabbed it to the restaurant. There were a couple bachelor parties going on as well. One bachelor was even forced to  dress up in drag (Pic below) such a great sport.
Then off we went to the club where our booth was set up for us. I was given a booklet of tasks to complete throughout the night (I was actually disgusted by how much guys DON'T carry a condom, geez no one cares about protection?) I managed to find one and got that task completed *phew*
All in all it was a good night. I was dressed up as a bumble bee for the theme of *Queen Bee T and her Hunnies*
Here are a few internet worthy pics lol

Me & BM's (-MOH)

Me & Bachelor

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