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Etiquette for signing thank you notes for bridal shower gifts?

Hi all - 
When I'm sending thank you cards for gifts received at my bridal shower, do I sign both my name and my fiance's name or just mine?

Re: Etiquette for signing thank you notes for bridal shower gifts?

  • i just asked the same question a couple minutes ago!! i am getting mixed answers on different websites. some say if the card was to both of you then sign your name. some say both names because the gifts are obviously for both of you. others say just you because you are the bride. so....if you find out the "right answer" let me know wht it is haha
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  • I posted this in the etiquette board as well and so far everyone is saying just me to sign. They're also saying if I want t include FI name in the thank you part like "Fi and I can't wait to use it" that's fine but I should just sign my name. Also people say you're not supposed to sign anyone's name to card that they're no the writer of. I've already sent a few out with both of our names (whoops!) but I guess I'll just sign mine for future ones. 
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    I must have zero manners because I say what does it really matter. Is anyone seriously going to pick apart your thank you card because you signed your fiances name. In my opinion, I think you should sign both names because the gifts that you and your FI registered for were bought as a gift at your bridal shower celebrating your marriage to your FI and eventually (if you don't already) you'll be living together. Sorry if this seems irrational but sometimes whats always 'right' isn't always the best answer.
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  • I agree with the previous poster - I don't think that anyone is going to see your name and FI name and gasp because the person gave the gift to just you and not him.  I'll be signing all thank you cards for any gifts given (during the shower or at the wedding) with both names.  Even if it's lingerie, because I'm sure that FI would be thankful if I was given lingerie :P  hahahaha!  Ok, I'm joking about that part.

    But, yes...I think you should sign both names.
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  • Technically the gifts have YOUR name on them, not FI's, and the shower is for YOU, not FI. I would put your name, and only your name. Yes, he does benefit from most of the gifts but the party is not for him.
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  • I'm signing for both of us.  I might have unwrapped the gift, but they are really for both of us.
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  • I'm signing both of our names because, like some PPs said, the gifts are for both of us & FI is thankful for them as well. I did the same thing with my baby shower. I do think though, that no one will say anything if you do or don't sign your FI's name so in the end it's not too big of a deal if you ask me :)
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  • Unless there was a check specifically written to both FI and I, then I just signed it from me.  It's your shower, and people know the note is coming from you.  I think the only one I did from both of us was to FI's grandmother who wrote us a check and made it out to both of our names.  Either way - I don't think it's a big deal if you want to include his name.
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