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Ceremony Location Help

I am recently engaged and new to the know.  We trying to plan our wedding for this summer.  Neither of us are religious so we are so lost trying to find a place to hold the ceremony.  We are having the reception at the Zoo but ceremonies are not permitted there.  We are not fancy people and don't need much.  We are also paying for everything ourselves so we would like to keep the cost down.  (I was shocked when I saw how much some churches charge just because we are not members.)  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!  We are up for anything!

Re: Ceremony Location Help

  • Schenley park or Phipps? Springwood Conf Ctr in Verona is closer to the zoo and does weddings but I'm not sure if they'd just do a ceremony and it might be costly. Good luck!
  • My understanding is that Riverside Community Church will perform weddings for nonmembers at reasonable rates.  They are in Oakmont which is a stone throw to the zoo. 
  • I tried to have my wedding at Riverside Community Church a few years back and they never got back to me even after several calls. To top it off, my now ex's mother was a member. I think if you choose this route that you need to hound them daily if they do not return your calls. Hopefully you won't have to do that and you have much better luck.  :)
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