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How many of you ..........

don't have your wedding dress yet?  I have called once a week for the last 3 weeks and still no sign of it.  I know 2 ppl getting married after me and they already have their dresses! They ordered only a few weeks before me.

Re: How many of you ..........

  • mine JUST came in. Im going for my first fitting next Wednesday and my wedding is May 4th!
  • I don't have mine yet either. 

  • Mine is supposed to be in the end of the month. CAN'T WAIT!
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  • Well this makes me feel a little better I guess!!
  • I'm STILL waiting on mine
  • Just curious when you all ordered your dress? and what designer? Wonder if there is a pattern.
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  • I have mine but only because I ordered it ridiculously early. My boss and my coworker both had wedding dress disasters (which ended up working out in times for their weddings) and hearing their stories really freaked me out so I ordered mine about a month after I got engaged.
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  • Wow, that sounds so crazy to me! I got mine from DB 3 weeks after I ordered it.
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  • I bought a clearence sample dress, part because its a gorgeous dress and was a good price, part because I am always terrfied of ordering things and them not showing up (eg. I only buy online if I cant get it in a store...even if the store is more expensive)

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    [QUOTE]Wow, that sounds so crazy to me! I got mine from DB 3 weeks after I ordered it.
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    Mine JUST came in on Friday the 2nd. I ordered it April 17th. My first fitting is at the end of this week. Can you contact the designer and see if they can tell you the status?
  • I ordered mine at the end of August.  It was supposed to take 5-6 months.  So end of February would be 6 months.  The designer is Morilee.  I called the store 2nd week into Feb and they said it should be arriving at the end of Feb and it would most likely be on their next shipment.  So I called again yesterday to see and nothing yet.  The store told me that the Morilee shipment didn't come in yet and I knew that was a flat out lie because I know a girl who ordered a Morilee dress from the same store only a few weeks before me and her's came in last Wednesday.  So ofcourse I told the girl this.  I think she was a little shocked.  I then asked how often they get shipments and she said not very often.  I was like well how much is not very often.. like once a month?  She said no more like once every 3 months.  I said well that won't do! I need my dress in the next few weeks.  So she was calling the store and getting back to me.  I still have not heard from her! FRUSTRATED!

  • That sounds crazy - I would keep calling every single day until they find your dress.  At this point you really should be starting, if not in the middle of, your fittings.  Get on them, girl!
  • I ordered mine at the end of October they said 3-4 months. I've called a few times and everytime they tell me end of March. My dress is by Maggie Sottero.
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  • I ordered mine on Friday and it will be in by 4/14.
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