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So I know we always talk about the annoying things are in-laws do but for once I wanted to say something great about mine!

Back story:

When I was younger I was in dancing for years. After I quit I found out I had weak ankles from using my muscles so much (weird I know) well the doctors did tests and found out that the ligaments in my ankles were almost gone and there was basically nothing they could do. So now every few months or so I do something and end up hurting my ankle it lasts about 3 or 4 days and then I'm all good again.


So Monday I did something and hurt my ankle. Glad it was a light week and nothing too much going on. Yesterday I was feeling bad and my ankle was still hurting well FSMIL (future stepmom) called FI and invited us to dinner he said he wasn't sure since I wasn't feeling good and everything. We ended up not going but it was because FI said we had to go check on FMIL she had gotten news from the doctor.

Well about 5 minutes ago I got a call from FSMIL asking how I was feeling and if my ankle was any better! I was so shocked and it pretty much made my day! It was so sweet of her and just showed me they care. I love FFIL and FSMIL they have always been great to FI and I and have supported us from the beginning.

Just wanted to brag!

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