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purchasing off the registry

So all the talk about registry stalking got me looking. So I discovered that someone purchased all our towels from Sears (YAHH!). They also added the matching Tubmat, which wasnt on the registry.
Now the potential problem is I registered for bathmats at Home Outfitters (why 2 different places, I dunno I wasnt thinking).
So now, do I wait til my shower to see if I like the tubmat they purchased for me, and then decide what to do.
Or should I take off the bath mat at Home Outfitters?
Honestly I am not even sure if a tub mat and a bath mat are the same lol. We picked the one at Homeoutfitters because it was really long and will cover a large chunk of our floor. Instead of having 2 smaller ones like we do now.
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Re: purchasing off the registry

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    i think (i may be wrong) that a tubmat is for in the tub so you dont fall... again i may be entirely wrong
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    I was thinking it might be. That is what FI thought. But it is weird that is matches. Like it is in the same line of towels and same colour etc. Who knows!
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    I didn't know the difference either so I confess I Googled it. A tub mat is what you put in your tub so you don't slip. So it sounds like you'll be fine! 
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    Yes, a tub mat goes in the shower so you don't slip and a bath mat is what you step onto when you get out of the shower.

    You could always wait to see if you like it, if not you could exchange it for something you would rather have.
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