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Really, FI? What do I do now...

So a couple months back FI and I were discussing what to do about our coworkers.  He works at one office with 6 other employees, and I work at 2 offices with about 12 employees each.  With that small of an office, I really don't believe you can pick and choose who you invite without stepping on a lot of toes - I think it has to be all or none.

So, we're talking about 50 extra people here by the time we figure in dates.  Since our guest list is at 209 without them, and we are really aiming for 150, we opted to not invite any coworkers.

FI had brought up the idea of just inviting them after the dinner to the reception part.  I told him no, as it is generally thought of as rude as you ladies probably all know already.  I thought it was a done deal, we were going to invite them 100% or we weren't, and we had decided we weren't.

Well fast forward to last night - FI has apparently told his office that they could all come after the dinner.  To my obvious rage.  Not only is it rude IMO, but now what do I tell my coworkers?  Obviously I'd like to invite them as well, but we had decided not to - now FI's gets to come, and mine don't?  Plus, all the bosses from the 3 offices are going to be there, so they'll probably notice that his coworkers were invited but none of their employees were.

Anyways, what do I do at this point?  FI didn't give them any physical invites or anything (we don't even have enough, even if we wanted to!).  I was hoping that maybe they'd forget about the verbal invite, but obviously that's probably not going to happen....

SO ticked off at FI right now about this.
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Re: Really, FI? What do I do now...

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    Oh gosh, that's tough. I would probably invite at least all of his co-workers since he already mentioned it to them. If you think your co-workers will find out about it/be upset, then I'd invite yours too. If you think your co-workers won't care or won't find out, then I wouldn't invite them just so you can be a bit closer to your goal number of guests. Unfortunately your FI kind of put you in a sticky situation, so sorry! I would be ticked too though... men! ;) LOL
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