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Please please please....

Send me good vibes, rather fi. We are waiting to hear if he is getting a job that will be life changing financially for us. It would more then double his salary, provide benefits and allow him half of the year off to go to school. He has been having some inadequacy issues which turned into cold feet as he doesn't think he can "provide". Our counselor told him basically " quit whining and do something". His friend/Gm offered to refer him into his company but he would have to get his class A. Well, that night he printed the state manual, read everynight all night and got his permit Friday and applied. Now we wait! We are are mediocre income, and in this economy, that equates to pay check to pay check no matter how much budget we cut. He would start in April which could equate to no HM but at this point I don't even care! Please cross your fingers for us :)
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