How to store candy

I bought M+Ms on sale after Christmas for my candy table... and actually plan on buying any green or blue candy I see on sale from here on out.  Anyone know the best way to store all this candy to keep it fresh for the ned of May?

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    Just keep it in a cool, dry place.  Don't freeze it!

    I bought personalized M&Ms for my daughter's wedding and shower.  I bought them in June, use the ones for the shower in July and the others were perfectly fine at the wedding in October.

    (I also posted some photos and info for you in your tree thread.)
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    Ditto pp. I stored all of my candy in a (finished) basement closet. It kept cool even in the warm Spring months, and my candy all tasted fresh when I opened it!
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    ok- thanks! M+Ms apparently decided the green is the new color for Valentine's day- so I just scored a bunch of all green candy on sale!

    in a dark cool place they go- thanks!
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