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Ring/bands Insurance

Is your ring insured?
Are you also adding the wedding bands...if so what company did you use?



Re: Ring/bands Insurance

  • I think you can add this to your homeowners insurance, if you own a home. I'd talk with your insurance company. I am pretty sure that this is what FI did.
  • I have both my rings insured through Jewelers Mutual. My policy is 250.00 a year because of the amount i had to insure. If you are insuring under 17K then it should be less. The more expensive, the higher the policy premium. I have a $100 deductible. The nice thing about JM is they cover even if you lose a stone or the whole ring while you are away in vacation or out of the country. Most homeowners policies to not cover that so make sure you ask if you go under your homeowners. Also...if you dont own a home but are renting, you can put them under your renters insurance as well.
  • We don't have ours insured yet other than what we bought from the jeweler when we bought them. We are going to insure them after we get married and that will be through our renters insurance. It is a seperate policy but we will also be getting one for FI's guns since his are over a certain amount to replace.
  • We added a personal articles (or something to that effect) policy with State Farm for my engagement ring, and then this weekend we're taking in the appraisal to add the bands to the policy.  It wasn't that expensive, and it covers if I lose it, a stone falls out, someone steals it, etc...  We use State Farm for car and renter's insurance, but I'm sure whoever you have your homeowner's/renters insurance through would offer something similar.  I would definitely insure it though, just in case!
  • I have mine insured through our homeowner's insurance.  But I really better check out what it all entails...
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  • I have Amica insurance for homeowners and it's only cost us $7 to insure my ring and $11 for our bands included (all together they come to around $14k), so depending on your insurance it's really reasonable to insure and just good sense.  If any of our rings are damaged, lost stones, stolen, etc, it's all covered for the appraised amount.
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  • My ring is insured under my homeowner's policy (Liberty Mutual). Like PP, it added just under $250 annually to my premium.
  • My homeowners ryder only covers it if it is lost in the home or stolen from the home....not if I drop it in the grocery store or misplace it in my car or lose it on the honeymoon....renters insurance doesn't cover those things either.

    I'm looking for a seperate company that will insure my rings no matter what. So far USAA is the only one i've found


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    I would just do it through your homeowners or renters insurance.
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  • I plan to insure through Jeweler's Mutual after the wedding. We have "insurance" on our rings from the stores we purchased from, like stone replacement if one falls out. But I want to be covered if I lose the whole ring set while at the beach or something. If you do go with homeowner's or rental, just be sure that the jewelry is covered outside of the home as well.
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