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Oh Come On!

12 days before the wedding, I get a detailed bill from the caterer and it is $440 more than what I was originally quoted!!! I've gone over the original quote and the one she just sent me and I have no clue where the extra money is coming from. My guess is that she didn't include something in the original quote even though she said that it included everything (apps, dinner, tax & gratuity). So my question to you ladies is how far do I push this? I've emailed her to let her know of the two different quotes and made it very clear to her that after the original quote I made our budget based on that so why should I have to pay extra if she made a mistake. Not to mention that right now I have no extra money especially $440! What do I do if she comes back and says you either pay it or we don't show up. Ugh, I don't need this stress right now!!!! Just needed to vent, thanks ladies!
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Re: Oh Come On!

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    jonekajoneka member
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    do you have any paperwork or emails stating the orginal quote?? if so that should cut down on back and forth...if not, maybe you can reinterate your budget and have them work within that..let them know that needs to INCLUDE EVERYTHING and not to go over
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    This is totally what I was talking about in my last email below. Vendors adding extras to squeeze more money out of you. Review your contract and fight them in it. Read my post below too
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    spalkospalko member
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    I have the email with her original quote and I sent it to her to show her what she told me so she can't really deny it. I guess we'll see what happens when she emails me back, ugh!
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    Ugh! I don't have any advice, but best of luck!
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    I wouldn't stress too much until you hear back from her. See what she says and go from there. 
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    had almost an identical situation today and it really sucks. We managed to cut and make some sacrifices and bring it back down to a number that didn't make me want to vomit.

    Hopefully they can work it out for you, especially since you have the lower quote.

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    Ugh that is annoying, good thing you kept all of your emails!
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