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AW: such an exciting weekend (kind of long and PIP)

So I had went out last week and bought a dress for my shower which I thought for sure it was going to be on March 10.  So I thought that this past saturday I was meeting the organist at the church to discuss the ceremony music.  I arrive at the church and all my friends and family were there for my shower!  I was shocked!  I had no idea!  It was such a great day.  I was given so many awesome gifts and my mom and BMs put so much work into it.  One of my BM lives in MS and she flew home for the weekend to come.

Since most of my friends were out of towners we had the bachelorette party that night.  We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner then out to a bar to dance the night away.  It was such a great weekend.  It all happened so fast.  I am a little sad it is over now.  It would've been nice to have them on separate days so it wasn't over so fast but then some of my friends would've been able to attend.  

It was such a great day but I have to say I was bummed I wasn't wearing my cute dress.  I left it at my apartment which was 45 minutes away.  Luckily there was time between the shower and the party so a few of my friends and I went shopping and got me a cute outfit for my night out on the town. :)  

Me, my friends, and BM at my shower!
This is all my BM (notice the one hugging a picture...that was for the one BM who is in CA) lol

Here is a picture of my MOH and I before going out!
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Re: AW: such an exciting weekend (kind of long and PIP)

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