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NWR: General Thank You Note Question

I have a general question regarding thank you notes.  So, obviously, I'm writing thank you notes for all the wedding and shower gifts FI and I receive.  I also write thank you notes for all Christmas presents I receive, etc.  However, this post is about more general thank you note etiquette.

FI comes from a very giving family.  His mom is constantly sending us things for Easter, Valentine's day, our birthdays, etc. I don't think FI has ever written a thank you note in his life.  Which is not a big deal to me - it's just how his family operates.  Up until now, I've been writing thank you notes for virtually every gift received.  Today, as it is my birthday, I received a $50.00 visa gift card from his parents.  I got to thinking that if my parents did this, I would simply give them a phone call and say, "Hey Mom & Dad! Thanks for the awesome gift!! I can't wait to put this in savings/buy new clothes/etc."  I'm sure Emily Post would frown upon this, but at what point do you think thank you notes (such as 5+ a year) get ridiculous?  Should I still be writing thank yous to them for every gift received or would a simple call suffice?  Just curious to how things work in your families.  I would totally post this on the etiquette board, but I don't want to be torn into a million pieces.

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    My mom sends us stuff for all holidays too.  I just call her and tell her thank you!  I would follow FIs lead.  If his Mom never had him write her thank you notes, she probably doesn't expect it and you are fine just calling.
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