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Foot petals?

Has anyone tried these before? Are they worth the $?

I've seen other brands similar to them at target, but I'm guessing the "real" ones might be better.

I'm mainly going to need them for the balls of my feet, so which ones do I get? there are too many different shapes!
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Re: Foot petals?

  • I got the one at Target that are gel-like. I put them in the back of my shoe to keep them in place, and I also got the ones for the balls of my feet, since my shoes are not that comfortable (realized this at my fitting and standing for what seemed like a really long time!). I haven't tried those yet. But ones that go in heel of the shoe seemed to work pretty good and I didn't get any blisters. Unfortunatly, they don't stay stuck, so I  may just get some double sided tape to keep them in place. I'm changing in sneakers at the reception.
  • Wow.... I have never heard of these! I must run to Target to get some. I definately am needing something, because my shoes are super cute, but so not super comfy. Thanks for posting this!
  • i bought the brand name foot petals and so far i love them.  i don't wear heels on a regular basis, usually only on date nights or special occasions so i needed to make sure i stayed comfortable :)

    i have two pairs of shoes i used them in.  in one i used just the little flower looking one to go where the ball of my foot hits inside the shoe.  i've worn the shoes out for date night a few times and i've stayed comfortable the whole time!

    the other pair of shoes i used the long one that has the bigger part for the ball of your foot, then gets skinnier as it goes up under your arch (i should try to find pics...) anyway, they're really comfy too!  i've only worn them around the house though so i can't say for long-term comfort.

    the sticky in the foot petals brand is GOOD!!  i don't think i could get them out very easily, even if i wanted to.  i would recommend NOT taking the paper off the sticky part first.  try your shoes on with the petals inside to check placement first, THEN take the paper off and stick them in there.  once you stick them they're not adjustable.

    i hope this helps!  :)  you can get them for relatively inexpensive from zappos, that's what i did!  :)
  • I have the flower shaped ones in one of my shoes; I think they definitely help.
  • That you all you've been super helpful!

    comeongetdown: thank you for the tip about trying them in the shoe before removing the backing, I wouldn't have thought of that and I probably would have stuck it in the wrong place! Also, I do know what you mean about the longer ones!

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    BFP-11/12/12, MMC 1/16/13-baby stopped growing @ 9wks, found out at 13wks, D&E 1/25/13 Anniversary]
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