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I'm getting married May 27, 2012  and was just wondering when other May 27, 2012 brides were sending out there invitations

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  • I'm getting married on May 26th and am planning to send out my invites around March 17th. Hope that helps!
  • I'm also May 27th and are sending them out around the middle of March.
  • I'm getting married on May 26th, and I will be sending them out around the middle of March.  Thanks for asking this because I was wondering when other people were sending them out too! :)
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    [QUOTE]I'm getting married on May 26th and am planning to send out my invites around March 17th. Hope that helps!
    Posted by Tully16[/QUOTE]

  • I'm May 27th and we're also aiming for beginning to mid-March. I am definitely relieved to read all of these since quite a few of the ladies here have already sent theirs out - and ours are only arriving this Friday from the printer.

  • I'm a May 26th bride also! I'm planning on sending mine out next weekend because the area that we are getting married is a big vacation spot, being right on Lake Michigan, so it's going to be busy Memorial Day Weekend. I want my guests to be able to get hotel rooms where we blocked them and to also not make other plans for that holiday weekend.
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  • I think you have plenty of time. We are getting married May 27th and am just starting to work on the invitations. I probably won't send them out until the end of March. 
  • Thanks ladies I was thinking the middle of March.
  • Glad to see this post!  I'm also a May 27th bride, and I'm planning on sending out mid-March.  I was starting to think I was the only one who hadn't sent out invites yet!!
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  • We're also getting married May 27th.  Even though a lot of my family is out of town, they'll stay with family in town, so it's just a couple friends who will need hotels.  We plan to send out invites mid-late March. 
  • I think a lot of brides who have sent invites already are getting married earlier in May...our date is May 4th so, we had to send ours out sooner to make sure we have final count to the caterer in time! :)
  • I feel much better now. My date is May 26th. I just got my invitations today! Very exciting, but a lot to put together. I will be sending them out March 24...hopefully. Smile
  • I'm a May 27th bride too :) Just picked mine up..working on the labels now and will be sending them out in about 1-2 weeks
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