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My fiance and I are currently looking at a venue that has Medure's Catering as the exclusive caterer. I went to their site to see the menu they offer and prices and it's currently under construction. I have read some reviews on here and they all seem pretty positive. I guess my questions are to anyone who has hosted an event with them as the catering service: Was the food good, did they work with you to get the menu you wanted, was it expensive, was the service good, etc? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Medure's Catering

  • One word..Wonderful!
  • My friend used them for her wedding last fall & everything was wonderful. Everything from the appetizers to the meal, so yummy!
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  • Depends on where...they cater at Oak Tree and the two weddings my FI and I went to there were horrible. The chicken was dry, the pasta was ok one time and under-cooked the next, just plain bad. Both receptions were buffet, so maybe sit down might be better. I just wasn't impressed, so I took my business elsewhere. "ugh, you all shouldn't eat there 'cause it was so bad it wasn't good"--- direct quote from my FI --- FYI he's not southern or dumb (he's from Ohio, and is working on his masters in organic chem).
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