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Neighbor Vent!!!

I decided to get the table number frames done today.  I bought little white frames from ikea, and wanted to spray paint them gold.  Last night I went to Michael’s and bought the gold spray paint. 


Today I was so excited because I brought everything to the backyard, and got started on them.  They were coming out better than I thought, and they were pretty easy to do.  My hand was getting a little tired, but I was about half way done.  Yay!


AND THEN THE DARN NEIGHBOR TURNED ON HIS SPRINKLERS so his kids could run through them, and two of the sprinklers were aimed the wrong direction…right at me!!!  It was like watching it happen in slow motion.  I could see the water coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


Needless to say I got soaked.  I think the frames will be fine. 


I’m not happy. The neighbor didn’t even try to turn them off…or seem to care that his sprinklers are watering my lawn.  Jacka**!


Now I have to find another spot to paint the last half of these frames.





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