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SOOO i made  my hair appt for the day of...idk...4 months ago? and yesterday my FSIL was talking to the main hair stylist ( friend of the family)..and finds out.. ONLY ONE PERSON WILL BE THERE TO DO 7 GIRLS HAIR!! THERE IS NOOOOO way ONE girl can do 7 girls hair for a wedding in 2 hours!! THANKFULLY, FMIL made a 2nd appt for my FSILs and FMILs to go elsewhere (FSIL is a hair stylist and knows A BUNCH of places! Lol) they are going someplace else, and im getting my hair done separetly cuz ppl dont know how to set up appts apparently...

the person who WONT be there called off 7 months ago, so its not like its thats why im w/e it got figured out..but now instead of going out to lunch im just ordering a platter from subway (where i eat every day cuz i work there..) but i can get a cheap platter...and then we can all munch on those sandwiches...

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    Wow, that really sucks. At least you found out before the day of?

    I hate last minute changes/stresses- I feel like every little thing is getting on my nerves and making me crazy. My ceremony musicians just told me YESTERDAY that they didn't think one of the pieces I picked out really fit with the others and could I pick something else? WTF! I gave them the music like a month and a half ago and asked them if they had any changes or suggestions, but they said it was fine! Ughhhhhhh.
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    Ugh that is so annoying! Glad you got it all figured out. I went to my hair/makeup appt. the morning of my wedding alone, it was nice to have some quiet before all the craziness started :)
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