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NWR: A little annoyed Vent

So, last week while I was driving home from work early (I was sick), I had a state cop pull up next to my car and then back off and got behind me. He turned his lights on so I pulled over. I wasn't speeding, that I knew. He pulled me over because of my window tint! I know I have darker tint than most people do, but I was not aware that it was illegal. The cop tested it and told me that it was illegal and I had to rip it off! He said I coud either change it to a legal percentage (35% is legal, but I have 19%) or just leave it without tint. This annoys me because this is not going to be cheap. He said next time it will be a $250 fine!

This annoys me on so many levels. First, when I bought the car a year and a half ago, no one said "hey, that tint is illegal." I would have had the dealership change it out at their cost. And it passed inspection. Secondly, this is not money I wish to spend right now on something stupid like this. If I change out all 4 windows, it will cost me $450, plus car rental for the day. So, I am only changing out the front two windows at the cost of $250 plus car rental ($25). Gah!

Clearly, this cop had nothing better to do. Had it been sunny that day, I probably wouldn't have been stopped.

Sorry, I just had to vent. Thanks for listening :)

Re: NWR: A little annoyed Vent

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    What a pain!  Sorry that happened.

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    I am so sorry, that is not cool of him at all!
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    You bought the car like that? I would be annoyed at the dealership that they would sell it to me knowing that I could get a ticket for it.

    My FI had tint on his truck windows - that he had put on and he knew was illegal so this is probably his fault. He got pulled over about 2 weeks after he got it put on and got a $750 fine (that also included speeding. I don't know how much it was for the tint.) and had to get it taken off. So annoying!
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    Oh gosh, that stinks!!! I agree with PP though, I would probably be talking to the dealership if they sold you the car like that. It should be their problem since they're the ones who sold you a car with illegal tint!
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