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I just discovered this blog and I'm a may wedding too! Fitness help!

I read for hours last night and feel better. We have stuff left, but have chiseled away at our to dos. The one thing I am worrying about is looking and feeling great in my dress. You know when you see a girl in her strapless gown and her shoulders and arms look fabulous? I want to feel that way. I work out about 5 times a week, sometimes running, Jillian DVDs, or bootcamp class at the gym, or spin. I do a combo of all those, whatever fits in my busy week. Does anyone have some suggestions for upper body for a time pressed person? Thanks!

Re: I just discovered this blog and I'm a may wedding too! Fitness help!

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    I know how you feel...I love my dress and it looks fabulous from the front, but from the back....ughhhhhh back fat! From what I have heard aerobic excersize and weights is the best to tone upper body. I finish classes this week so now I have to start getting serious about excersize too!

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    Pushups and tricep dips!  These two workouts do most of your upper body and core.  I've been using a training plan for only have to do the workouts 3x a week for a few minutes each time. :)



    Hope that helps!
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    I agree, tricep dips & pushups!

    I do these circuits where I'll do triceps dips on the floor, then lift each leg up for 10 reps/2 sets each. Then do 10 pushups (8-10), then 8-10 mountain climbers, then stand up and do it again twice (from Insanity)

    Honestly, running has given me the best arms ever! It really slims them down!
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    I just started the onefifty pushups and dips program too!

     I'm a runner/biker/swimmer and still hate my arms though...But  I'm not very good at holding myself back from indulging in candy and sweets. Maybe if I could control that? Good luck to you!
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