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Gyno kinda screwed me over! somewhat TMI

I went to my gyno for a regular check up in January and she was trying to calculate my period for May since she knew I was getting married then.

Well, she completely screwed up and I'm scheduled to get my period the day before the wedding. Which means I'll be starting a new round of BC instead of taking the placebo.

She had me skip a period in January (start a new pack, skip placebo) since she "thought" that it would make my period show up the week before the wedding, but the calculations were off. If I hadn't skipped it then, I would probably be fine now and not have to skip it again.
Oh well I guess, at least I can start a new pack and won't really have to worry about anything for the wedding/honeymoon, it just stinks that she mis-calculated back in January.
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Re: Gyno kinda screwed me over! somewhat TMI

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    A few months ago my doctor just suggested to skip the placebo week until after the wedding.. I take BC for skin and regulation, so it was so that my skin wouldn't have it's monthly attack so everything would be clear for the wedding (so far so good!), but I'm also glad that I don't have to worry about my period coming right before/during/right after the wedding :)
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