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**FutureMrsSheeler** or anyone using shepards hooks in pots

What size pots did you use? Have you actually tried putting the hooks in the pots yet to see if they stay and don't fall over easily? I'm thinking of doing this instead of trying to buy or rent stancions, so I'm trying to see if anyone else has done this with success yet. :)


Re: **FutureMrsSheeler** or anyone using shepards hooks in pots

  • Well, I know they fit in the pots... and I think the diameter is about 10 inches or so?
    I am just filling the pots with sand and sticking the the shepherd's hooks in.. I haven't tried it yet, since I don't have sand yet.
  • Ok, thanks for the info! I think I'm gonna test it out this week using plastic pots from Walmart and quickcrete - knowing my luck if I tried to use sand, someone would knock one of them over!
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