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When should my BMs get alterations?

I few of the girls have asked me when they need to get alterations done and I have no idea!

I told them that they could go to whoever they wanted to for alterations but if they wanted to go to Alfred Angelo (where the dresses came from) that they could do that too.

I'm just not sure what to tell them as far as when they should start scheduling these fittings....have your BMs done alterations yet? if not, when are they starting the alterations process?
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Re: When should my BMs get alterations?

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    If it's a corporate place i think it usually takes a little longer then a private seamstress. My bm dresses come in next week or so...I'm going to ask them to get pinned no later then like the 3rd week of March...just in case...
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    I would have them call wherever they're thinking about getting the alterations done & have them ask how long they will take. I'm sure it varies with each place. I do think it'll take longer to have the alterations done if they take it to a corporate place (like PP said).
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    All 7 of my girls are getting their dresses at Alfred Angelo also. I have an alterations lady that I will suggest to them. But their dresses probably wont start coming in until the middle of April. So, I'm also going to suggest them just getting their alterations done at AA so it can be done by an seamstress who knows what she is doing with that designer dress....
    But to answer your question. If they use AA I would make sure they get their alterations done about a month before the wedding. I remember the girl at the store telling me that if they have to do be done within two weeks then its a rush order and it will cost more..
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    Depending on what needs to be done I would think some time in April would be fine.
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    My girls already have their dresses and only 1 needs to be altered. Her dress is at my house since she lives 3 hours away from me so when I see her at my shower in March I will be giving her the dress then. She is then going to take it and have it altered near her by the end of the month.
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    They place they got the dresses from includes alterations.  They told me at least six weeks.  May is also prom season so very busy and they would like them in before that.
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    I would ask the seamstress where you plan to get the BMs dresses altered. 
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