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I know most of us won't have our bridal showers until later this year or next year. So I was wondering when is everyone going to register?

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  • We registered at Macys, BBB and Pampered Chef right after we got engaged (last November). We've had to update a bit, but we did receive a few gifts (from parents) for last christmas, and now that we bought a house, if anyone asks if we need anything, I'll direct them to the registries (not that I really expect much). 

    I'm glad I did it early, because I've had time to really make careful decisions (got a subscription to consumer reports- highly recommend it if you're starting up your household and are registering for appliances). 

    Oh and I know everyone knows this, but DO NOT include registry info in your invitations!!! My dad just received an invitation for his cousin's daughter's wedding, and they included a small business size card listing all their registries- so tacky!!!
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  • Not till Febuary. Most stores change their stock right before Christmas, so I see no point in it if the stuff I register for now becomes discontinued.
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  • we already registered at BBB and have slowly been adding things to the registry as we get time. we are taking a long time picking things.

    WORD OF ADVICE to the BBB registered people...i dont know if you gals were as fortunate as we were with the sales people at our store...but they walked us through everything and it helped a lot and really knew their stuff. it was so much easier then just scanning stuff since there are so many brands of everything from blenders to cuttlery. Plus i probably would have went with pot sets and knive sets that were not very good quality just because im familiar with Kitchenaid or Cruisinart and not companies which specialize in certain things.
    Also, bath towels...who knew you really needed as many as they suggest. Ultimately it will be your decision what goes on your registry...but it helps knowing what to avoid.
  • We'll probably register in August. To avoid having people drive to a bridal shower in Wisconsin in the ridiculously long winter, my shower will be probably be a bit early (like, October).
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