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May 2012 Weddings

*ROLL CALL*Grooms Cake? Show off your Pics. here! (should prove some great laughs!)

(I know alot of us aren't back yet...but for those who are...)
So a fun and funky thing that I love about weddings is the grooms cakes. I know not everyone does them but when weddings do do them - they are often pretty cool! Before the weddings began we talked about these cakes and there were several bides doing them...so now it's time ladies...if you had one, show it off here!

Re: *ROLL CALL*Grooms Cake? Show off your Pics. here! (should prove some great laughs!)

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    here was ours  :) ---the short story behind this cake is the H is a jeeper plus loves to camp. He also really wanted that silly wedding topper (girl draggin' guy down the aisle) ontop of our wedding cake -- which he tried to make compelling arguments for, but was never going to happen. lol. Anyhow, since my aunt makes cakes for fun I asked if she'd do one for him and he got all those little things wrapped up in a yummy chocolate and funfetti cake.



    he,he! I loved it (it looked exactly like what i designed) and he loved it too!  :) He has the jeep on his desk at work! :) it's a perfect replica of his (who knew JEEP also sold toys?lol)

  • It was just a plain old sheet cake but MIL was so proud. she picked it out. It's how H proposed. :)
  • that is SOO cute!!! I *LOVE* it --and that's how he proposed?! how perfect! :)
  • What a cute proposal.  It was hard for me to say that being a Vikings fan, but still :)

    I only have a picture of both of our cakes together right now.  H is a huge James Bond fan and we tied some 007 elements into our wedding.  I thought about doing an over-the-top crazy cake like those I found online but ended up with something less elaborate:


    I got it made in German Chocolate but H never knew that's what kind it was and didn't get a piece.  I guess I know what I'll be ordering for our anniversary cake :)

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  •  My Husband doesn't like cake so for his groom's "cake" he had his mamaw make her famous Blackberry Cobbler (his favorite!) This is the only picture I have so far of it : ( (about to be eaten lol). But it was delicous! 
  • Here's ours. We served the night before the wedding. It's zombie themed because DH suggested we have a "zombie snowball fight" wedding cake. SIL had it made for us. 

    DH put the bloody bride and groom and the sign that says "even the undead won't stop Beth and Pete from getting wed"  on our mantel
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  • This is what DH's would have looked like if we did this:

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  • Here is ours: Otto the Orangeman.  (Greg went to Syracuse).  It was delicious!
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