May 2012 Weddings


I went shopping today at kohls..and was looking for pants for my i was waiting for him to text me back i wondered into the shoe department..

I found CORAL SHOES! LOVED THEM!!! ..however they didnt have my size...and they would be PERFECT for my wedding shoes! 
i was determined to get home and buy them online...and they are sold out i cant get them..

and the designer no longer has them either. i looked at all the websites i know for shoes..and no one has them..i really want to cry... i LOVED THESE SHOES!

I even searched the name of the shoes online to see if i could find anything..but only kohls sells them and they are sold out...i really really really want to cry..

they were Elle Enchant...the salmon pink ones....

bye bye perfect shoes...:-( if only my feet could
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