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okay so i know there is a post on this but...

oot bags? are they really a necessity? His family is coming from out of country so as not all of them speak english and some have never been to america before...Should i? and if so how can i do them inexpensivly?

Re: okay so i know there is a post on this but...

  • You can get bags online or in store at the Dollar Tree; we're doing them because we're going to Antigua and it's a part of their thank you gift for coming with us.

    You can also go to websites through Google that sell small travel-sized bottles of product cheaper than in store.

    Maybe some small trinket depending where you're from? (i.e. if you're from FL, you could include an orange, or things like that?) Just ideas :)
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  • I'm doing information packets: map of the area, directions to the venue from the hotel, local attraction (you can get brochures for these for free), and a welcome letter from me and my FI.  Super cheap, should only cost me for printing up the letter, map, and directions. :)
  • I don't think they are a necessity, but they are generous. We have a lot of OOT guests, so FI's mom is putting them together!
  • We are doing them, all of FI's family is from OOT. I think it would be a really nice touch for your guests since they are from a different country. I think it would also be really nice to have FI or one of his family members to translate the welcome letter/directions/etc into the language that they do speak.

    As far as items to put in them, you could buy candy and bagged snacks and water at Sam's Club or Costco to keep the cost down.
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  • We will have a lot of OOT guests but all of the information they will need will be on our website, so we will not be putting together any type of OOT bag. 
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  • I'm doing them for all of my guests but it's totally optional and not required.
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  • okay ao i think i might do them. in english and in vietamese (but have him spell everything lol)
  • I am going to do OOT bags as everyone is coming from the UK to vegas I have so many ideas but they all seem pricey!! I want to have personalised bags and apparently we can get them given out at the reception when people check in. I think I am going to try and get some bits in the £1 shop over this summer and build them up slowly. I have found loads of lists online of ideas of what to put in them.

    I think I need to get on ebay as well and look for bargains
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