May 2012 Weddings


Well.. this is a little late since TK was down all day!
Rants, Raves and Weekend plans!!


  • Rants: I am sick for my bridal shower tomorrow :(

    Raves: I am leaving next weekend for Playa Del Carmen with FI and my future family :)

    Weekend Plans: I have my first bridal shower tomorrow! I'm excited to see everyone!
  • Raves: Finally found a wedding band that will work with my E ring.

    Rants: 2 weeks until I get to have them.

    Weekend Plans: It's beer week here locally and FI is in love with beer. So we will be going to lots of beer tasting events.
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  • Raves: Finally booked our Photographer!!

    Rants: My dad is slacking on his job of contacting the DJ/Band and I want to get his done ASAP!

    Weekend Plans: Just hanging out with my friends, family and FI of course :)
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  • Rave: starting to get lots of little things wr together! Rants: anxious about not knowing when my shower is Weekend plans: meeting our minster and our venue woo...we going out to dinner for our five year aniversary!
  • Raves: Picked up our invitations from the post office today!!

    Rants: Some how the post office said that they dropped off a package slip at our door for the invitations, but they didn't so I had to wait a couple extra days (not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things) and leave work early to make it to the post office in time to get them.  Crazy post office.  Luckily the one closest to me had them

    Weekend Plans: Making necklaces with some friends tomorrow and since the FI has Saturday and Sunday off we are going out with friends Saturday :) and then just hanging out as usual the rest of the time!
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  • Rants: TK was down all day yesterday & it was making me so angry! LOL

    Raves: We got our hotel booked for our HM :)
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