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Engagement Party?

Has anyone else had their engagement parties yet? We waited because we have some out of state friends coming in this weekend but I think were just going to dinner and then maybe out afterward.

If you had yours how was it? What did you do?

Re: Engagement Party?

  • We got engaged Christmas Eve 2010 and my parents threw us an engagement party in February. We had hors d'oeuvres and a buffet-style dinner at my house, we had about 35 peoeple over. It was a great time!
  • We decided to not do one
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  • we got engaged in March and at the end of April we just had a bunch of people meet us at the restaurant we met at. It was a great time!
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  • We got engaged In December of 2010, no one offered to throw us an engagement party. I kind of wanted one, but would never ask anyone to do that for us. Im still a little hurt that no one did. But just a little bit.. Not that big of a deal i guess. So we're not having one...

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  • we got engaged at the beginning of march and we just had our engagement party yesterday we probably had about thirty people over at my parents house and we cooked out and had music and drinks it was really a great time it was nice becaue our families hadnt met yet and ps sorry for no punctuation or capitilization im on my phone and for some reason it wont let me
  • I am actually having mine in June. My mom is trying to surprise me, but I already know! We got engaged in October 2010, so we told both our parents that if they were going to throw us something, wait till its at least a year out. So we have about a month till ours and I'm excited.
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    [QUOTE]Has anyone else had their engagement parties yet? We waited because we have some out of state friends coming in this weekend but I think were just going to dinner and then maybe out afterward. If you had yours how was it? What did you do?
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    I proposed between our two birthdays and invited a bunch of people telling them it was a birthday party.  Surprised them after everyone showed up with the ring on her finger. :)
  • We didn't have a party.. we got engaged in the summer and none of our friends were really in the same spot at once, so my family and FI's family had a nice dinner at our reception venue.. it was fun to see the place with everyone and got to taste their food in advance :)
  • We aren't having one either...
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  • We're not having one, but I kinda wish we were!
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  • We're not having one, but I think that's mostly because people don't do them around here. Until frequenting this website, I'd never even heard of it! It's a cool idea, but neither of us are party people. I'm sure when we go back to school in September his parents will do a little something though :)
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  • We haven't had one either. We got engaged the week before Thanksgiving, and had two small gatherings with both sides of FI's family, but nothing official.
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  • We were engaged a few days before Christmas, so the timing was difficult to plan a party - with the holidays and the cold/icky winter weather. His parents were going to throw one for us this May/June, but had some health problems, so I didn't want to pressure them into doing it. Fiance and I are going to do an informal bbq at our condo on the beach on July 3rd - since that seemed like a good time. 
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  • We've been engaged since July and no one has offered to throw us one, nor did we ask someone to. Oh well it's not a big deal. Our families and friends are all over the place anyway.
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  • we got engaged in September and since everything has been one huge issue after another we nixed the idea. everyone was just so opinionated. my MOH said it best...for whatever reason no  one is taking my wedding seriously at friends...nothing. i was pretty disappointed...but that jsut made me feel like crap so ilet it go.
  • We're not having one either, but I kind of wish we could. Unfortunately, he lives halfway across the country until two weeks before the wedding, there just isn't enough time for an engagement party in addition to everything else wedding related.
  • we are having a potluck party this saturday at my parents place. Its more of an open house then anything else. We felt that its important to have something that people can come to since our wedding is going to be mostly family and out of town, so this is our chance to celebrate with our friends. I didnt want to have to do any work for it though so we are just asking people to bring stuff if they want to eat. We will have some pop and stuff but nothing formal. It is exactally one year before the wedding, so its kind of a fun countdown marker that way.

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  • My Fi planned everything out for the nite we got engaged. He took me out on a dinner cruise and proposed and when we got back home our familly and closes friends were there and everything was really nice decorated and we had great food, drinks and music to celebrate. He did a great job planning the proposal and engagement party:)

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  • We were engaged in August 2010 and my sister/MOH threw us a surprise engagement party with close friends and family at my parent's house in October.  It was casual, nice, and obsiously unexpected. 
  • We got engaged last April, so my mom and one of my best friends co-hosted an engagement party for us last August. We knew it was going to be a long engagement, so I don't think my mom could resist!

    We had an outdoor party on a family friend's riverfront property. It was tiki themed, which was really cute. I had a blast and I'm glad we did it, but for shorter engagements I can understand not having one (or even having a smaller one). We had 60 people at ours, and to be perfectly honest, we sometimes (usually on the days when we are discussing the wedding budget) wish we'd just had someone marry us right then and there, haha.
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