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Finally adjusting to normal life-pip

Its taken a long time to realize I dont have anything to do anymore! We got back from our last minute, a take off and go trip to a awesome little cabin. We did some fishing, some drinking, some fine dining, and some much needed relaxing. We decided to head home a day early as our dogs got sick from in laws leaving leftover chocolate favors on our table and the dogs devouring all of them. Genius. Although, it worked out very well as the city we were staying in was evac'd the next morning for a wild fire 1 mile away from our cabin.
The wedding went okay, as laways there were some hang ups.

*Hotel claimed we hadnt paid for our rooms, when we paid for them 6 months prior.

*Guitar player attempted to cancel at 10pm the night before, we found out at the ceremony he was detoxing from heroin. This was hard as he was an old friend, hadnt seen him in awhile. He ended up showing after Husband went off on him.
Again, we didnt realize the reasoning until he showed at the ceremony, puking, shaking, pale and playing horribly. We sent him home right after the ceremony (paid to play reception)

*ripped my dress on the skirt about 6-7in while going to the car to head for the reception. My attendant sewed me up as quickly as possible, but ripped my dress again after the ceremony on the bodice (sash)

*forgot my checkbook to pay for the reception meal, had to send a groomsmens girlfriend to grab it from the hotel causing her to miss the meal. Felt like a a@#hole.

*had what I believe was an adrenaline blackout during my entire ceremony. Worst of them all.

*driver of the getaway car was late, all the guests had left, so we didnt get our grand exit :(

The list goes on and on. All in all, I was happy with it though.lot of the pictures wont post, says too large but here are a few pictures:

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Re: Finally adjusting to normal life-pip

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