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Instead of OOT bags....

So, a number of guests will be staying at the same hotel the wedding is at, but others will be staying in other area hotels. I really don't want to track down where people are staying. I'd feel bad if only a few people got them because of where they are staying. I know that OOT bags are not neccessary, and I doubt people would be even expecting them. With that being said, I am starting to think of alternative ideas. I was thinking of doing some kind of small basket or box with a few goodies that would be a favor (they would get at the wedding).

Does this sound like a good idea? What inexpensive goodies should I put into these boxes? I was thinking I'd get fresh cookies from the grocery store bakery (one for each box), nuts, fruit snacks. Maybe little individual packets of tylenol.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Re: Instead of OOT bags....

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    So you'd do a type of swag bag at your wedding?

    I think it's a cute idea but I would worry that people would pick and choose what they take or just leave the bags behind all together. And not because they don't want them but from just simply forgetting.

    If you did go this route I would make them really simple and just include a few local favorite edible treats which seem to be the choice of wedding favors. HTH
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    Well, as long as everyone at the wedding would get them (not just the OOTs).  You have good suggestions - we were going to do bottles of water, small snack bags of chips, granola bars, etc.
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    My wedding is on a Friday so I'm assuming a lot of guests are staying Saturday to enjoy the city. Instead of OOT bags I made a big list of cool things to check out in the city, including out favorite restaurants and free parks/attractions.

    Right now it's just on our website but I might print some to have at the wedding if I have time.
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    Everyone would get one. This is a destination wedding, so everyone is out of town! This isn't neccessarily about money, but more that I just can't track everyone down and I want to make sure all my guests get something. I think if I do OOT bags, not everyone would get one, that is why I thought of handing something out at the reception instead.
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    I'm not sure if its necessary.

    If you're giving them out at the beginning of the reception as a favor, then guests would have to leave them at the tables and hopefully remember them at the end of the night. Or if you do it at the end of the night, they still have to lug the bags full of water/snacks to wherever they are staying.

    I think, that as long as you have bathroom baskets with the essentials (i.e. advil) and people are eating/drinking during the reception, they don't really need any snacks or anything at the end of the night and most guest will probably leave (figuring that check out is 11-ish) early in the morning and they won't need any snacks or anything then.

    It would just be a waste if a. people forget/don't take the bags with them or b. if people are leaving the next morning and won't use any of the things you've given them.
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